The Road to Home (2015) – the story of Benny Wenda

Forgotten Bird of Paradise (2009) – YouTube, updated version: 2012

West Papua - The Secret War in Asia (2007) – West Papuan refugees in Papua New Guinea, history of their annexation, and exploitation of natural resources

Punks for West Papua (2016)

Papua Merdeka (2002) – “Explaining the 40 years of human rights abuses and the determined struggle for freedom of the Papuan people”

Act of No Choice (2019) – focuses on the referendum

Run It Straight (2016) – the Maori Community

Isolated (2013) – follows the story of five surfers in Papua New Guinea

West Papua - A Journey To Freedom (2011) – encapsulates the activism and story of Herman Wainggai

Strange Birds in Paradise - A West Papuan Story (2010)

Everything can be burnt - West Papua in the Jokowi Era (2016) – interview and video report by Radio New Zealand

Jennifer Robinson and Benny Wenda - TEDx Sydney (2013)

Benny Wenda - Oslo Freedom Forum (2012)

Goodbye Indonesia - People and Power (Al Jazeera English, 2013)

Land of the Morning Star (Papua Merdeka, 2012)

Witness - Pride of Warriors (Al Jazeera English, 2010)


Benny and Maria Wenda perform traditional West Papuan music with their children as the Lani Singers:
“Ninalik Ndawi” (Freedom Song)
“Ninalik Arirak” (Struggle for Freedom)

“Merdeka” – a compilation featuring artists from 17 countries around the world

“Sounds Like Freedom 2” – the second of fPcN’s series of CDs featuring freedom songs and sounds, from West Papua. Recorded on covert missions to help the tribal peoples of West Papua resist.

“Rize of the Morning Star vol 1” – a compilation featuring Blue King Brown, John Butler Trio, Airileke, George Telek, O-Shen, and Michael Franti

“Rize of the Morning Star vol 2” – a compilation featuring Arnold Ap, Yothu Yindi, Tabura, King Kapisi, Blue King Brown, Soul Jay, and Rutsman Spice

Junk Terror Bill

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